Onsite quote appointment
Moving date
Onsite quote
Reliable Security
"Big Orange" offers 24 hours computerized security system to ensure your belongings will be stored under a safety and reliable condition.
Total Assistance
As you may find it difficult to move your belongings to the warehouse storage, but we will provide total assistance on moving your items appropriately and efficiently. You will be admired to have a better living after using "Big Orange" storage and its range of service.
Various Ware House
"Big Orange" offers different sizes of warehouse to accommodate your every needs of storage space.
Convenient Storage
Full range of facilities provided by "Big Orange" including parking space, big elevator, trolleys and different sizes of packing boxes together with our professional moving service will surely give you a convenient and easy life.
Practical Planning
"Big Orange" will offer suitable plan for your warehouse storage. A reasonable quote through on-phone or on-site can be arranged to suit your needs of storage but also packing and moving.
Free Supply Of Storage Materials
"Big Orange" supply full range of storage materials for you to store your belongings neatly and properly:
different sizes of storage boxes including hand carry wardrobe
locker keys
pallet wrap and bubble wrap
protection cover for furniture
packing tape
wrapping paper
How to Book "Big Orange"
"Big Orange" offers warehouse storage service for individual or commercial use and limited to non-decayed, nonflammable and legal items. The various size of warehouse can accommodate your every requirements. Each warehouse will be equipped with one key which will be held by oneself only. Since we do not offer key keeping service, you are suggested to ensure the safety of the key and not to transfer to someone else. Unlimited opening of warehouse will be authorized by you once your belongings have been transported into warehouse storage.
Self-storage Service
You can take your belongings in and out at anytime free of charge during the rental period. Minimum storage period is one month. If you are not sure how long you will keep, you are suggested to renew your warehouse storage on monthly basis. Besides, "Big Orange" will supply full set of storage materials for your items to be neatly placed.
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