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To know more about MOVING CASTLE, just give us a call and we will explain our service details and provide a quotation. Or, you may visit our website and we will deliver a satisfactory feed back very shortly.
A FREE on site fee estimation can be arranged for a better serving your enquiry of moving. We will give you a reasonable quote and then start our service.
To guaranteed the benefit of our customer, we will prepare an agreement of moving for our customer to sign once the fees and terms are agreed by both parties. The agreement will indicate clearly the fees, date, address and items of your moving order. A deposit will be collected upon signing of agreement to confirm the details of the order to avoid any unnecessary dispute.
After signing of agreement, we will supply packing materials including cartoon boxes, bubble wrap, packing tapes and papers according to your requesting date and time.
For better protection of your valuable furniture and appliances, we will supply pallet wrap, carpet, wrapping cloth and dray to ensure they are all in good shape.
Our experienced staff will check up every removing items with you before transporting to your desired new location.
Upon transporting to your new location, we will assemble and place the items to your required position and make sure everything is confirmed satisfactory before leaving your place.
After confirmation of the whole removing is satisfactory, our final payment is settled. Your gratitude to our staff will be highly appreciated. It is our honour to have your recognition but our company's policy will not allow our staff to ask for any tips from our customewrs.
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